Robot transmission technology Solution

Precision reducer is a key component of industrial robot positioning and transmission, as well as a core transmission component in high-end intelligent equipment and military equipment. Since 2006, Hengfengtai has invested a total of 150 million yuan, insisted on exploring and breaking through, and took the lead in developing the CORT movable tooth technology precision reducer technology in China. In 2011, the CORT industrial robot precision reducer undertaken by Hengfengtai was included in the major project subject of the National "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" 863 Plan, and successfully passed the project acceptance in 2013, breaking Japan's international monopoly and successfully solving the constraints of China. The core components of the development of industrial robots.

Application industry

Industrial robots, external axes, medical equipment, radar antennas, precision machine tools, AGV drives and other high-end intelligent equipment industries.

Application case

The CORT precision reducer developed by Hengfengtai has the characteristics of small size, light weight and large transmission ratio range, and also has the characteristics of high rigidity and overload resistance, which can realize smooth operation and obtain correct position accuracy.

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