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In recent ten years, the company has invested 200 million yuan in technical research, established Hengfengtai Precision Machinery Research Institute, and established technical cooperation relations with more than 30 scientific research institutes such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University of technology and Harbin University of technology; Introduce high-end technology development talents such as provincial thousand talents plan and municipal 580 talents; In 2018, a postdoctoral workstation was built, introduce a number of doctors, masters and senior engineers, creating an internationally competitive talent team. Under the innovation culture atmosphere of the company, technological innovation burst out in an all-round way.


The company has 170 patents, including 17 invention patents, 3 international patents and 8 copyrights; The products of high-efficiency sedimentation tank have reached the level of 'domestic initiative and international advanced', and are listed in the project of 'National Torch' plan; The eight hanging point anode lifting bus device won the 'second prize of Zhejiang science and technology' and was listed as 'national key new product'; 'Multi structure innovation and series product manufacturing technology of new precision reducer for robot' won the second prize of provincial science and technology; Successfully developed the first large-scale reducer for seed sorting in China; Compound full rolling movable teeth precision transmission reducer is listed as a major national 863 project plan and passed the technical acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology in 2013; 'Rigid internal and external tooth profile wrapped gear reducer' has obtained the international invention patent. The high-precision comprehensive performance testing instrument of precision reducer is listed as the national key scientific instrument R & D plan and passed the acceptance in 2021.

Provincial Science and Technology Second Prize (Multi-structure innovation of new precision reducer for robots and manufacturing technology of series products)
Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Achievement Registration Certificate (863 Industrial Robot)
National National Torch Program Project Certificate (New Efficient Settlement Tank)
Zhejiang Province Scientific and Technological Achievement Registration Certificate (New Type High Efficiency Settlement Tank)
Zhejiang Province Accelerates the Development of the Key Fields of Equipment Manufacturing Industry in the Province's First (Set) Product Certificate
The second prize of Zhejiang High-tech Product Certificate (eight lifting point anode lifting mechanism for electrolyzer)
National key new product certificate (eight lifting point anode lifting mechanism for electrolyzer)

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